The Wager

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In a world that devalues creativity,
writers stand in a

--Greg Sushinsky

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by Greg Sushinsky   

RoscoeThe arrival of a celebrated visitor to Jospar's planet as Jospar is about to undertake a critical mission, sets off a series of events which once again pit Jospar against the dangerous Kasceto. Who is Roscoe and why does his arrival cause the collision between them? 

Science fiction, short story, 3800 words, 10 printed pages

Available files: PDF, EPUB and MOBI
for PC, mobile devices, tablets, smartphones and Kindle 

 $1.99USD Digital Download

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The Wager


The Wager





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Come on in and browse our site.  We offer a glimpse into the work and world of Greg Sushinsky, a versatile, talented, widely published professional writer.  The site features much more than a sample of his work, however, as we offer the opportunity of a variety of quality writing and editing services for those who desire them, as well as the opportunity to purchase some of his written works directly.

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by Greg Sushinsky   

JosparThis is the story of a starflyer’s voyage of discovery, a flight into the unknown. It is his singular exploration, and part meditation on his travels thrugh the cosmos. Join him on his journey…As Jospar’s Story Continues.

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by Greg Sushinsky   

KascetoA simple story of a seemingly innocuous wager, which On a world strange yet disturbingly familiar, this is the simple story of a seemingly innocuous wager, which triggers the clash between a decorated starflyer and his planet's powerful ruler, that leads to startling events, which will have dire consequences across the galaxies.

In his first commercially available science fiction work, author Greg Sushinsky begins the saga of Jospar, The Starflyer, and Kasceto, The Ruler. 

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